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Post Vividcon Vid Party!
anoel lioness
I already miss Vividcon so my roommates and I are having a post Vividcon party! It'll be in Downtown LA starting at 3pm and ending at 11pm? or whenever. Basically anytime between those times we'll be watching Vividcon 2013 vids, eating snacks and talking about vids and vidding. If anyone is in the area, you are welcome to join us! Just leave a comment or email me at anoel_43 at yahoo(dot) com and I'll let you know the rest of the details.

There is in fact a community of vidders in SoCal
vidding fandom
I don't want this community to be deleted so I am forced to post in it. There are plenty of vidders in SoCal and we do meetups once in awhile so if you're in or around LA and you're interested in coming to meetups where we watch vids, show our vids in process, hang out and vid, comment to this post! I'll be sure to add you to the email list for the next one we plan which should hopefully be soon.

Socalvids Intro Post
anoel lioness
Hi everyone!

Welcome to the new socalvids community where Southern California vidders and vid fans can come together to share vidding love. If you live in the Southern California area (especially in the LA area as that's where I live) and love to make, watch and/or discuss vids, this is right where you belong. The main purpose of this group to meet together at various locations and watch vids together while talking about vids and discussing your own vids (if applicable). Of course if you just want to talk vids in the community, that's totally fine as well. The point is to build a community of socal vid lovers as I know there are a lot of vid fans spread out in the area and I'd love to bring us together to share our common vidding passion. Making new friends and helping each other out is an added bonus!

A few guidelines:

1) Be civil to your fellow Californians. Let's be kind and act with integrity to each other while fostering a community of honesty and creativity as well.
2) Respect privacy. Since this group meets in RL, no one should share anything about the people (and things discussed) outside the community unless the other peeople fine with it.

If anyone has any suggestions or concerns, don't hesitate to email me at anoel_43 at yahoo. I look forward to meeting all the socal vid fans out there!


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